Detailed Syllabus Of Kerala PSC Radiographer examination


(CATEGORY NO. 416/2011)

1. General and Radiation Physics
Units in radiography, magnetism and magnetic properties, electrical energy, joules,watts,
electromagnetic induction, alternating currents, transformers, electrical measuring instruments,
electronics, modern physics, atomic structure, radio activity, x-ray tubes, x-ray spectrum,
bremsstrahlung and characteristics x-rays, units and measure of radiation, principles of
radiation detection and measurement.
2. Basic subjects
General anatomy, anatomy of nervous system, circulatory system, respiratory system, skeletal
system, GIT, genito urinary system & endocrine system, general physiology, physiology of
cardio vascular system, respiratory system, GIT, endocrine system, real system, nervous
system reproductive system and muscle and nerve. Elementary pathology, pathology of CNS,
MSK, head and neck, respiratory, endocrine, GIT, GUT, genital and hepatobilary system.
3. Physics of medical imaging and radio therapy (Radio Diagnosis)
X-ray film processing, ray films, intensifying screen , unsharpenes in radio graphs
.fluoroscopy, dental radio graphy units,x-ray equipments, DSA, mammography, CT, MRI,
ultra sound, CR, DR and radiation protection.
Radiography including dark room techniques , and modern imaging techniques X- ray
exposure factors, dark room techniques, radiography of skull .upper limb, lower limb, vertebral
column, Para nasal sinuses. Special investigation techniques like barium meal, barium enema,
HSG, IVU, RGP, AGP, MCU, bronchography, myelography , enteroclysis, angiography and
contrast agents in medical imaging Ultrasound scan CT scan-spiral CT, multislice CT scanner, low
dose CT , CT angiography , virtual volonoscopy MRI scan -1.5 tesla magnets , diffusion, perfusion
imaging, spectroscopy, DSA, Mammography and recent advances.
Radio therapy
General principles, radio therapy sources, brachy therapy, radio therapy simulators, radiotherapy
treatment, planning, normal tissue reaction to radiation, clinical radio therapy, nuclear medicine
Physics of radio therapy
Cobalt 60 teletherapy units, linear accelerator, calibration of therapy units, dosimetry
parameters, treatment calculations .isotopes used .radiation safety in radio therapy and recent

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